GMAT Eligibility Criteria 2022: Check Age Limit, Minium Qualification, Documents Required, Minium Score & Language Requirement


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Updated on Feb 16, 2022 01:29 IST

The Graduate Management Admission Test also known as GMAT is mostly taken by the MBA aspirants who wish to study abroad. This exam evaluates the candidates on the basis of their Integrated Reasoning skills, Quantitative skills, Verbal skills, and Analytical Writing Assessment. The interesting structure and pattern of this exam make it really tough and exciting at the same time. Due to the course structure of this exam, some aspirants often get confused as to which exam will fulfill their MBA requirements better: GMAT or GRE. It is essential for them to understand that the recognised business schools worldwide use the GMAT score to evaluate a candidate’s profile and conclude their admission. In this article, we will inform you everything about the GMAT Eligibility Criteria. 

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India has been reported to have more than 3 lakh GMAT test-takers every year. Taken across the world, this exam comes with a wide range of doubts amongst its aspirants. One of the frequently asked questions by the aspirants on the GMAT Exam is whether they are eligible for the exam or not. To resolve this query, we have simplified the list of exam requirements as approved by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), the official body that conducts the GMAT exam.

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Eligibility Criteria for GMAT

Whether it is the age limit for GMAT or language requirements, we have discussed the eligibility requirements for the GMAT 2022 in detail below.

Age Limit for GMAT

There is no upper age limit to appear for this exam. For the minimum age limit, GMAC has defined that the candidates need to be at least 18 years. However, it has been reported that aspirants that fall in the age group of 13 to 17 are also allowed to attempt the exam given that they have a written approval or consent provided by their legal guardians or parents.

Language Requirements for GMAT

The GMAT exam is designed to be attempted in English; hence basic understanding and fluency in the language is a must for the aspirants. In order to clear the exam, one must have the skills to comprehend the twisted and confusing questions asked in the exam. The exam is tough and complicated; henceforth, its aspirants must have excellent command over the English language.

Other Restrictions

According to the GMAC, any individual irrespective of their gender, age, nationality, religion, academic background, etc. can appear for the exam without any discrimination. This includes differently-abled candidates as well, who are provided with special exam accommodation upon request. For such aspirants, the medical documents that define a candidate’s disability are put confidential, which has been thoroughly described in the privacy statement declared by the GMAC.

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Though it is recommended to attempt the GMAT exam to get enrolled in a reputed business school, it is not mandatory to have appeared for this exam to study abroad. There is a huge list of management colleges worldwide that do not require a GMAT score to evaluate your profile. All they need is your previous academic record which justifies your capabilities or some work experience that defines your candidature.

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Before choosing your college and making your application to the dream college, it is suggested that you take some expert opinion so as to ensure your enrolment and save yourself from rejection. All the best!

GMAT Eligibility FAQs

Still, have more regarding the GMAT? Check out the most frequently asked questions about the GMAT and GMAT Eligibility.

Can I take the GMAT test after completing 12th or high school?

No, one needs to finish an undergraduate degree to give the GMAT exam

Is there any minimum academic qualification to take the GMAT?

As such there is no minimum academic qualification to take the GMAT exam. Usually, candidates appear for the GMAT after completing their undergraduate degree or while in the final year of their undergraduate program. Working professionals also give the GMAT test.

Are candidates need to have any minimum academic scores to give the GMAT exam?

GMAC has not set any cut-off for marks/grades to appear for the GMAT test. However, candidates should not ignore the importance of the academic scores as they need them while securing admission to a B-school.

Are there any work experience required for working professionals in order to give the GMAT test?

Just like academic scores, there is no such requirement for work experience to give the GMAT exam. Candidates without any work experience can also appear for the GMAT test. As with the academic scores, work experience will also matter while seeking admission to a B-school.

Are candidates with any specific area of study allowed to appear for the GMAT exam?

This is a myth that candidates with a certain field of study can take the GMAT test. Candidates from any field of study are eligible to take the GMAT exam.

Are there any restrictions on the number of attempts for the GMAT exam?

There are certain conditions laid down by the GMAC for giving the GMAT:
  • Candidates can take the GMAT test only once in 16 days
  • Candidates are allowed to take up to 5 attempts in a period of 12 months
  • Candidates can take 8 attempts in a lifetime

Are candidates only from the English medium allowed to take the GMAT exam?

Candidates with other than English medium are also allowed to take the GMAT exam. It doesn't matter whether you are from English medium or non-English medium, candidates from any medium of instruction can appear for the GMAT test.

How much does it cost to take the GMAT test?

The cost of GMAT registration in India is $275 (20,600 approx).

When can you appear for the GMAT test?

As such there is no set specific exam date to appear for the GMAT exam. Candidates can appear for the GMAT exam when they feel they are best prepared to attempt it. You can register for the exam and select the available date according to your convenience.

Is it hard to get a 450 in GMAT?

450 is considered a low score in the GMAT exam. It is not difficult to get this much score. However, with consistent preparation and free practice tests, one can achieve more than this.

Is it difficult to score 700 on GMAT?

700 is considered a good GMAT score and one needs to prepare consistently to get this score. Not all the candidates in top B-schools also get a score of 700 or higher. One needs to score approximately more than 90% of the test takers to get 700+.



I am applying for PG in the English Literature and Creative Writing course. As GRE/GMAT includes the Maths portion, business-related-like analytical thinking parts, I want to know if GRE/ GMAT is for MBA only or everyone should take it?

Reply to Sreya Susan Solu




Please check the entry requirements of the universities offering MA in English:




Hi Sreya, GRE is required for MS courses and GMAT is required for management or business-related courses. You need to give IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE to prove your English language proficiency for studying English Literature.

I am studying bsc chemistry, is I am able to study MBA , because I want to do my post graduation in mba

Reply to Vaibhav Mali


Piyush KohliStudy Abroad Expert


Hi Vaibhav, good MBA colleges prefer candidates to have certain work experience for studying MBA. Please refer to the below URL and check the entry requirements of the universities offering MBA abroad:

what things should be on profile to get high changes of geeting schlorship and admission into top b schools.

Reply to Akash kumar ray


Piyush KohliStudy Abroad Expert


Hi Akshay, as such there is no set format, but you should have good academic record and relevant work experience. Please refer to the below URL and learn how to prepare a resume for MBA applications:, get...Hi Akshay, as such there is no set format, but you should have good academic record and relevant work experience. Please refer to the below URL and learn how to prepare a resume for MBA applications:
Also, getting a scholarship depends on a lot of factors like excellent academic background and strong profile. You can also check the entry requirements of the top B-schools:

I have take my Duolingo test and they said my score is on a scale of 160 what does that mean

Reply to Alimatu Bangura


Piyush KohliStudy Abroad Expert


Hi Alimatu, this means that you will be scored out of 160. Please refer to the below URL for more information on Duolingo exam:


parikshit p


Is 2.36 GPA eligible enough in USA for MBA ?

Reply to parikshit p


Piyush KohliStudy Abroad Expert


Hi Parikshit, please check the entry requirements of the universities offering MBA in USA and apply accordingly:

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