Paid vs Free Overseas Education Consultants

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Paid vs Free Overseas Education Consultants

It is one of the toughest decisions to go and study abroad. Further, it is even tougher to choose the correct country and the university where you should apply and then, at last, go there to pursue higher studies. Selecting the right college and country which suits your profile and is best suited to your goals is a daunting task. At times your friends and family members can you out with it but with their limited knowledge. Maybe any of your relative who is studying overseas or your college senior can help you out but that does not necessarily mean you will get professional guidance!!

While going to study abroad it is always wise to go for a reputed professional agency who hold immense experience in this domain. They will provide you with correct guidance, which is paramount to you as it is concerned with your career. This can be a life changing decision for you, so, it is always advice able to go for a consulting agency who are not only established but also have a positive image in the industry. This decision is going to have a huge impact on your career.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Paid or Free Consultants, so, you can get a complete outlook while going to select the overseas consultant.

Advantages of Free Consultants

  • With free consultants chances of getting admission is always higher. In most of the cases, the admission is almost guaranteed.
  • As free consultants have tied up with the universities, admit can come sooner, so, you don’t have to wait longer for receiving the good news.
  • Although they provide application services for free, they don’t cater to too many students, therefore, consultants themselves take regular follow-ups from students.
  • As free consultants have tied up with various universities, the admission is almost guaranteed.
  • While applying through free consultants, if you are applying to the universities that have a tie-up with the consultants your application gets prioritized.
  • By applying through free consultants, students can get application fee waivers if they apply to the universities which have a tie-up with the consultants.
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Disadvantages of Free Consultants

  • Majorly top-ranked universities are missing, so, students have the option of applying to relatively average or at times below average universities.
  • Generally, free consultants offer only a limited number of universities, so, students apply only to a targeted set of universities.

Advantages of Paid Consultants

  • Although admission is not guaranteed, the applicant gets the chance to apply to Tier one and Tier two universities.
  • If you are not satisfied with the services, you can terminate the contract whenever you want.

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Disadvantages of Paid Consultants

  • Those students who have a strong profile should go for paid consultants as profile plays a significant role while applying through paid consultants.   
  • Generally, paid consultants are not able to have regular follow-ups with students because of the high number of students they are serving too. As the number of applicants is more, paid consultants get less time to interact with the students individually, thus there are not able to dedicated ample amount of time to each student.
  • As with paid consultants, one can apply to a wide number of universities, thus admissions are not guaranteed.

After analyzing all these factors, one thing is clear that whether free or paid, with consultants you are going to get professional guidance, which will prove to be fruitful while you decide to apply to various universities abroad. So, now you have a clear idea of whom to consult while going to apply for studying abroad.

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I want to apply masters in canada.I need a consultant. I have an ielts score of 7

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