Sample Statement of Purpose (SOP) for Australia

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The Statement of Purpose (SOP) is an important aspect when it comes to your dream to study at a university in Australia. A well-written SOP can help your application stand out amongst the pool of applicants, making you fulfil your desire to study at an Australian University.

Along with grades, achievements and experiences, an SOP is usually a deciding factor for admission into the university of your choice. So, you should make the most of this chance of showcasing your ambitions, skills and experiences by writing an impressive Statement of Purpose (SOP). However, the question is how to write an SOP that can ensure your admission into your dream university, and the answer lies in the following Four Steps Process which can make the task of writing an SOP much simpler and organised.

Step 1: Plan

Planning should be the first stage of your SOP writing process. Careful planning of ideas to be included and the details to be avoided can help you make a clear road map of the way you want your statement of purpose to look. Writing down all the important experiences of your life on a piece of paper will come in handy when you will start the actual work of writing. This planning process can even help you sort out as there could be many ideas floating in your mind, leaving you confused. At this stage, you can decide the chronology in which you want to present your life and goals. Try to plan in detail so as to make it a smooth ride ahead!

Step 2: Start

Getting a good start is certainly the trickiest part of the process. Once you get the right start, then there will be no looking back for you. The best start is the one that can keep the reader glued to your draft. Having a creative start with a pinch of a mystery can be quite an engrossing introduction. Even, directly stating your goals and making your intentions clear in the beginning can be a captivating start, giving an overview to the admission committee about you and your life.

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Step 3: Formulate

At this formulation stage, you are required to justify your interest in the program and the university, by backing it up with evidence from your life. In short, you can provide a sneak peek into your life, giving the university a fair idea as to what makes you an ideal candidate for the program. The areas to be covered here are:

  • Academic Journey: You should mention your academic profile and how your previous studies are related to the course you wish to apply for. You should include the related projects or internships undertaken in order to show your focused approach towards your goals. In case, you wish to change the stream, you should clearly explain the reasons for the change in your interests.
  • The motivation for the course: This is highly important as the university look for a proper justification for your interest in the course you are applying for. Here, you can include how you got fascinated by the particular program. You can also include the related subjects studied or skills and knowledge added, showing how you strengthened your interest in the program.
  • Relevant work experience: Adding the work experience definitely boosts up your chances of admission especially if you are seeking admission for graduate-level courses. You should mention your role in the professional projects along with the knowledge attained and skills acquired during that time. 
  • Non-academic interests or volunteering: This part of the SOP helps you to present other aspects of your persona. As Australian universities focus on holistic learning, demonstrating other skills through your extensive participation in extracurricular activities and volunteering endeavours can give you an edge over other applicants.
  • Accomplishments: You should definitely highlight your significant academic and professional achievements as they will help you vouch for your potential and credibility.
  • Reason for choosing Australia: Australia is one of the sought after countries when it comes to overseas education. However, stating your reasons for preference for Australia helps universities observe your regard for the country and ensures them that you will make the most of this experience.
  • Reason for selecting a particular university and your contribution towards it: It is important to customize your SOP as per a particular university. This requires a significant amount of research about the institution, the program applied for, its curriculum, infrastructure, faculty members, and other opportunities. Providing information about what interests you about the university, specifically, and how are you planning to leverage the opportunity, will work in your favour. You should also mention what you will bring to the university and its community, proving your worthiness as a prospective student.

Step 4: Conclude

In this last step, giving a memorable conclusion will help you create a lasting impression on the Ad Com. So, use this opportunity to underscore your ambition, determination and motivation, leaving no scope for rejection. Finally, edit and proofread the document. You might need a few redrafts before you get a statement you are happy to call your final draft.

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In order to give you better insight, here is a Sample Statement of Purpose for Australia:

My decision to pursue a Master’s Program in Business Analytics has emanated from my immense interest in the field of technology, and its impact on business management. It amazes me how people use their analytical skills to gauge their past business performance and make business plans for the future. This art of understanding business performance and developing new insights using statistical methods and data has inspired me to specialize in Business Analytics by pursuing a Master’s program at your esteemed university. With this degree, I aspire to gain mastery over statistical and analytical tools and decision making.

Business related subjects fascinated me ever since high school. I found myself curious to know more about various businessmen/industrialists, and how they ran their businesses in a skilled and organized way. Being impressed with their success stories, I always wanted to know about their business approaches. Keen to obtain more knowledge about this subject, I opted for a Bachelor of Commerce degree, for my under-graduation; most of the subjects I studied during it were related to business management.  However, I found myself more interested in Business Information Systems and Information Technology. I realized that technology also plays a great role in making right business decisions.

Soon after my Bachelor’s, I got an opportunity to enter the corporate world, and gain practical knowledge in the field of information technology and business information systems, as a Junior Assistant at XXX company, City. This role allowed me to interact with people in business management, and derive business ideas. At the same time, my interest was also growing in computer systems. Thus, I joined a part-time Computer Applications course, and I worked and studied simultaneously. During my professional journey, I have worked in several multinational companies, and gained 12+ years of experience in ERP Software.

Presently, I am working as a Senior Consultant with YYY Company, City, where my role requires me to get involved in all phases of the software life cycle, like requirement gathering, design and planning, analysis, development, case study, and interaction with clients. Over the years, my experience in the field of information systems has increased by leaps and bounds, as along with official projects I have attended various workshops, seminars and conferences.  However, in order to compete with the evolving information technology industry, I wish to upgrade my skills in the field of business analytics, by pursuing a Master’s program in ______________. I believe this degree will help me to gain a deeper knowledge on improving business performance, creating effective business plans, and acquiring more ideas on information systems, and latest analytical tools.

After a thorough research and discussion with friends and seniors, with regard to my higher studies, I concluded that Australia is the best place for me to study. Its education system is recognized worldwide and maintains high standards. Learning in such a country will boost my career perspective. Apart from this, the safe, secure, and peaceful environment makes it an ideal study destination for an international student like me. I am eager to experience the diversity by networking with the multi-cultural peer group. I will also get a chance to exchange thoughts and ideas with people from different nationalities and cultural orientations. I am sure, all these experiences will be a learning for a lifetime.

Your university is my first choice for graduate studies as it is a top-ranked university, ranking third in the state of Victoria, and twelfth in Australia. Being the largest campus in the southern Hemisphere, it offers facilities such as a library, restaurants, shops, banks and even an art gallery. The Melbourne Wildlife Sanctuary is also part of the university. On the campus grounds, there are various sporting and recreational facilities like indoor stadia, a swimming pool, playing fields, a gym, and training facilities for football. Apart from all this, what attracted me towards this institution is its well-structured curriculum, which will help me gain insight about latest trends and technologies. I will learn how to organize a team, business processes, and about information technology, thereby improving productivity, decision making, problem-solving, communication and my coordination skills. This specialized learning will further guide me to take important decisions in the industry, and implement innovative processes in my country.

Studying at your university will provide me with high quality education, in an international environment, which will add to my credentials. This association will allow me to attain great opportunities to strengthen my career, focus on diversity and multicultural concerns, and acquire knowledge in the field of Business Analytics. In view of my background and skills, I will be grateful if you give me an opportunity to pursue my Master’s program at your renowned institution.

I hope by now you would have got an idea regarding what to include in your SOP for Australia. However, before you sit down to write it, don’t forget to go through some more tips to help you create an impressive statement.

  • Avoid plagiarism. Don’t ever think about copying someone else’ ideas as you will be caught by plagiarism detecting software, used by the university, leading to rejection of your application.
  • Keep the word limit in mind. Though a generic SOP ranges between 800-1000words, don’t forget to check the prescribed guidelines by a particular university.
  • Use a formal style of writing. Avoid using abbreviations and slang.
  • Provide evidence to substantiate your claims about various traits or skills that you mention in the SOP.
  • Present your statement in a positive light, written in a simple and correct language, in first person, direct speech.
  • Even if you have faced any challenges or failures, discuss how you overcame them or what you learned from the situation.
  • Do not leave the writing of the SOP for the last minute. Plan well ahead of your application deadline, so that you can write a high-quality document.

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