PTE Syllabus 2022 for Reading, Listening, Speaking & Writing and Important Topics


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PTE Syllabus: Candidates who want to excel in their PTE Exam should be aware of the latest PTE syllabus 2022. The PTE Exam syllabus mentioned below is for candidates looking to appear for their next PTE Exam. Here is the syllabus of the PTE Academic exam covering the Speaking and Writing syllabus, Reading syllabus, and Listening Syllabus. 

Conducted by Pearson PLC Group, the PTE Academic exam is a computer-based English language test accepted by educational institutions around the world. PTE full form is the Pearson Test of English and PTE-Academic is the English test undertaken by students and aspirants who desire to go abroad to study or immigrate to a major English-speaking country.  Students are required to take the PTE exam to prove their English language competency.

PTE Syllabus 2022

As informed earlier, in this article we are going to mainly focus on the PTE exam syllabus 2022. 

PTE Exam Syllabus: Speaking & Writing Section

The Speaking & Writing of the PTE section is approximately 54 – 67 minutes long in the PTE exam and the section contains seven different question types. The Speaking & Writing section is the longest section of the PTE test. The candidate will be tested on their speaking and writing skills, using English they might hear in an academic environment.

  1. Personal Introduction
  2. Read Aloud
  3. Repeat Sentence
  4. Describe Image
  5. Re-tell Lecture
  6. Answer Short Question
  7. Summarize Written Text
  8. Essay

PTE Exam Syllabus: Reading Section

The PTE syllabus of the Reading Section is 29 – 30 minutes long in the PTE test and it contains five different question types. 

  1. Reading & Writing: Fill in the Blanks
  2. Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer
  3. Re-order Paragraphs
  4. Fill in the Blanks
  5. Multiple Choice, Single Answer

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PTE Exam Syllabus: Listening Section

The PTE syllabus of the Listening Section is 30 – 43 minutes long in the PTE test and it contains eight different question types.

  1. Summarize Spoken Text
  2. Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers
  3. Fill in the Blanks
  4. Highlight Correct Summary
  5. Multiple Choice, Single Answer
  6. Select Missing Word
  7. Highlight Incorrect Words
  8. Write from Dictation

PTE Pattern 2022

Candidates should note that the PTE syllabus and the PTE exam pattern go hand-in-hand. The PTE exam pattern constitutes the PTE syllabus. The PTE Exam Pattern 2022 is as follows

PTE Syllabus 2021

PTE Syllabus 2022 (section-wise)

The Pearson Test of English (PTE Academic) assesses the written, spoken, skills of the candidates to ensure that they are capable of studying in the international environment, with a good grasp of the universal language of English. By scoring well in this test, students can assure the admission committee as well as the visa officers that they are capable of understanding the globally accepted official language while studying in a foreign land.

A good score in the test also ensures that candidates would be able to represent their ideas, deliver presentations, work to gain international exposure, and basically function on the international front in front of foreign audiences. This helps the applicants ensure that they are ready to study amidst students from all over the world and international faculty members in the universal official language.

The PTE test goes this way:

  1. Question: Time to Reading the Text Prompt: The time duration of each prompt you get varies depending upon the length of the text. The length is measurable in words or sentences. You need to be active in this part.
  2. Prepare for Answer: Time granted to Relax and Think: You do not have to immediately answer the question. On average, you get 10 to 15 seconds to prepare for each segment. You should relax and think for a while about how to answer.
  3. Answer: Time for Action: This is the total time duration where you have to perform. The answers are recorded when you speak, saved as text when you write, and selected in options multiple-choice questions. 

Refer to the segment-wise description boxes given along with each section explaining the PTE Exam Pattern and PTE Syllabus 2022 in detail:

  • Speaking and Writing
  • Reading
  • Listening

PTE Speaking and Writing Syllabus: 77 to 93 minutes  54 - 67 minutes

Syllabus of PTE Speaking and Writing Section: As the name implies, this section tests the candidate’s on the basis of their two major skills of communication, which are spoken and written skills. This section comprises six small sections that test you on your promptness over speaking and writing the written test that you would get to read for the first time ever. The complete section is given a time duration of 56 to 67 minutes and the time allotted to each segment is as follows:

Segments Pattern

Time Duration

Personal Introduction          

55 seconds: 25 seconds for prompt, 30 seconds to record

Read Aloud

30-40 seconds to prepare for reading out the text of 60 words

Repeat Sentence

15 seconds: 3-9 seconds for prompt, 15 seconds to record

Describe Image

25 seconds are granted to study the image as well as prepare your response on the same

Re-Tell Lecture

90 seconds for prompt length, 10 seconds to prepare and 40 seconds to answer

Answer Short Question

20 seconds: 3-9 seconds for prompt, 10 seconds to answer

Summarize Written Text

10 minutes to answer to text prompt of 300 words


20 minutes to answer to text prompt of 2-3 sentences

PTE Reading Syllabus: 32 - 41 minutes 29 - 30 minutes

Syllabus of PTE Reading Section: This section tests the candidates on the basis of their ability to understand the written instructions in the language. The section further divided into 5 segments is 29 to 30 minutes long. Check out the segment-wise pattern for time distribution of this section:

Segments Pattern

Time Duration varies on the length of the Text Prompt

Multiple Choice, Choose Single Answer

Read 300 words of text

Multiple Choice, Choose Multiple Answers

Read 300 words of text

Re-Order Paragraphs

Read 150 words of text

Reading: Fill in the Blanks

Read 80 words of text

Reading and Writing: Fill in the Blanks

Read 300 words of text

PTE Listening Syllabus: 45 to 57 minutes 30 - 43 minutes

Syllabus of PTE Listening Section: The listening section of the PTE Academic is stretched over 30 to 43 minutes of duration. This one is designed to determine the ability to understand spoken English by the candidate. Here, the student needs to ascertain that they carefully hear the audio file played and retain what they heard. This section is divided into 8 segments and the time given to each segment is as follows.

Segments Pattern

Time Duration

Summarize Spoken Text

60-90 seconds to retain  50-70 words, 10 minutes to write

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer

40-90 seconds for prompt

Fill in the Blanks

30-60 seconds

Highlight Correct Summary

30-90 seconds

Multiple Choice, Single Answer

30-60 seconds

Select Missing Word

20-70 seconds

Highlight Incorrect Words

15-50 seconds

Write From Dictation

3-5 seconds

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Types of Questions Covered in the PTE Syllabus

The questions asked for the PTE Exam include the following


  • Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple choice answers
  • Re-order paragraphs 


  • Summarize
  • Multiple choice answers
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Write from dictation
  • Highlight incorrect words 

Speaking and Writing:

  • Personal introduction
  • Answer short questions
  • Re-tell lecture
  • Summarize
  • Read Aloud
  • Repeat sentence
  • Describe Image
  • Essay

PTE Registration 2022

Candidates wanting to register for the PTE exam 2022 would be required to follow the steps mentioned below to successfully book their PTE exam slot. Candidates should note that for booking your PTE Academic online, you need a valid ID - a valid Indian passport. Candidates will also be required to show their valid ID on the day of the PTE exam or else they will not be allowed to enter the PTE Test centre.

PTE Test at Home

Launched by Pearson PLC Group - the conducting body of the PTE exam, PTE at Home testing is the PTE Academic Online Test that is being conducted from the safety of the homes of the PTE test takers. However, before you rush to book your PTE at Home testing, there are certain important factors that have to be kept in mind before you register for your online PTE at Home test. 

PTE Exam Dates 2022

The PTE exam is conducted throughout the year at designated PTE test centres across the country. The PTE exam dates 2022 might vary from centre to centre. Students must search for the seats available on the Pearson PTE Academic website. Simply select the test centres closest to you, and click next. The website would prompt you to the calendar with the available dates.

PTE Exam Preparation

PTE Exam Preparation: Candidates looking to perform well in their PTE Academic Exam would be required to follow a solid PTE Preparation plan to achieve a good PTE score. Read on as we divulge in detail about PTE exam preparation 2022, PTE preparation online, PTE preparation material, and PTE exam preparation at home among other important topics revolving around PTE preparation.

Similar to other exam prep, you can choose to study on your own or join a PTE coaching centre for your PTE preparation. The decision lies entirely to you, as you need to see whether you have enough time and resources to opt for both or select either. Newer methods of studying are gaining popularity, like PTE preparation online. It includes both self-studying and coaching class methods. You join a virtual classroom and you learn in the comfort of your home. To choose the best method on how to prepare for the PTE test you first need to look at your criteria and decide accordingly. Candidates can also check out PTE Sample Papers

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PTE Results and Score

PTE Results are usually available online within two working days from the test date. The PTE Academic results are issued online. And can be accessed from your PTE Academic student account. 

What is the validity of the PTE test scores?

The scores of your PTE Academic exam are valid for a period of two years.

How many times can I appear for the PTE Academic Exam?

There is no limit by Pearson as to how many times a candidate can give the PTE Exam 2022. Candidates can take the exam with a gap of 5 days. So, candidates can take the PTE Academic exam as many times as they want.

Check out the international colleges accepting PTE Score:

For those who get confused over which exam to take out of the 3 English language exams, check out the difference between them: IELTS vs TOEFL vs PTE.

PTE Syllabus FAQs

What is the syllabus for the PTE Academic test?

Candidates should note that the PTE Academic exam encompasses the Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening skills of the candidate. Candidates can find the detailed PTE Academic syllabus in the article above.

How difficult is the PTE Academic test?

Candidates who are well versed with the PTE Academic syllabus and the exam pattern and have prepared well for the exam would not find the PTE Academic exam difficult.

Is PTE Academic test required during the current pandemic?

A lot of universities are providing certain concessions to their admission requirements because of the pandemic. However, students are advised to check the official website of the university to know whether they have made certain exams optional or not.

How is the PTE Academic exam scored?

After the completion of your PTE Academic exam, candidates will receive their PTE Academic scores for each of the skill sections on a band range of 10 – 90. Along with that, they will also get an overall score.

Can you appear for the PTE Academic exam without studying?

Candidates are advised to appear for the PTE Academic exam after having been well prepared for the exam. Candidates are advised to visit the official PTE website or use our preparatory guide for authentic guidance. 

How many times can I appear for the PTE Academic test?

There is no cap to the number of times students can appear for the PTE Academic exam. However, they are required to keep a gap of five days between two PTE exam dates.

Is pen and paper allowed in PTE?

You are not allowed to take anything in the PTE Academic Exam Hall. This is because test centres provide you with everything necessary from computer equipment to notepad.

What is the need for a PTE Academic test?

The PTE Academic test is an English language proficiency test to understand the reading, writing, speaking, and listening capabilities of the test taker.

How can I prepare for PTE at home?

The Internet has definitely made the world small. Candidates can take the help of the internet to refer to information from the official PTE website that is both genuine and updated to the latest PTE syllabus. Candidates can also refer to our preparation guide and also use textbooks available online and offline and on the official PTE website.

Can a student cheat in the PTE exam?

Candidates are strictly advised against using any unfair means as this would lead to their paper being cancelled and they would also lose their registration money. Candidates could also be permanently banned from appearing for any future PTE Academic Exams.  

Which is the toughest section in PTE?

The toughest section in the PTE Academic exam would depend on the candidates’ expertise. Students are advised to have a holistic approach towards preparing for the PTE Academic exam, concentrating both on tough as well as easy sections.



The new pte academic exam at home is acceptable bye us University

Reply to Pothina Bhargavi


Rahul SinghaStudy Abroad Expert


Hello Pothina. The PTE exam is the same. The PTE exam at home is conducted from the safety of your home due to covid 19. You are advised to check whether your preferred university in the US would recognize the PTE at Home version of the test or you could opt for the PTE Test which is held at the ...Hello Pothina. The PTE exam is the same. The PTE exam at home is conducted from the safety of your home due to covid 19. You are advised to check whether your preferred university in the US would recognize the PTE at Home version of the test or you could opt for the PTE Test which is held at the test centre.


sachin shah


Hello All,
My PTE score is 59 over all with W:60,L:60,S:60,R:53
Can i eligible for student visa. ?
I completed my graduation in 2013 with electrical engineering, after experience in field till date.

Reply to sachin shah


Rahul SinghaStudy Abroad Expert


Hello Sachin. Student Visa does not really have eligibility. The process to apply for a student visa requires you to apply to a university and get an admit letter before proceeding to apply for the student visa. You can know more about student visas here: Sachin. Student Visa does not really have eligibility. The process to apply for a student visa requires you to apply to a university and get an admit letter before proceeding to apply for the student visa. You can know more about student visas here:


Tanya Singh


Hey! Do I need to have a finalized univerisity or country before booking the PTE test? Or can I give the test and finalise a uni later?

Reply to Tanya Singh


Rahul SinghaStudy Abroad Expert


Hello Tanya. You don't have to finalize any university or country before booking your PTE test. However, having a particular university in mind will give you a rough idea about the PTE score you would need to achieve to be considered for admission to that university.


Isha Arora


Hello sir. My name is only "Isha" on my passport but while making a Pearson account, they say last name is mandatory. What should I do in this case?

Reply to Isha Arora


Rahul SinghaStudy Abroad Expert


Hello Isha. You can either put in 'not applicable' and/or get in touch with the PTE officials before you register for your exam. Kindly understand that going forward this could be a hurdle, hence it is always good to get it cleared in the beginning. I hope I was able to help.




Hello sir my name is nafisa I don't have any surname or last is it compulsory to have surname or last name to login pte

Reply to Nafisa


Rahul SinghaStudy Abroad Expert


Hello Nafisa. Of course not. Kindly use your name as is mentioned on your valid Indian Passport.

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